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Cut for introspection )

[At the other end of the village- wherever it has been laid to rest by the good Captain? Mjolnir stirs. Slides from where it's set a few inches before it goes still once more for a moment. And only a moment. It is as it was before shortly rocketing out the nearest open door or closed window- through walls if need be to reach it's wielder. The hammer of Thor flies in a sharp arc through the village, raising high to not crack against any innocent bystander though it may clip buildings here and there, fly through the fountain's spray to shower those that stand on the opposite side as it soars in an unerring line for a clearing in the woods.

Once he has his hammer Thor calms somewhat, still tense with the boil of battle in his blood before he finds his journal- his first concern is addressed.]

Billy Kaplan and Captain Steve Rodgers- did they return safely?

[Shortly after he makes his way into the village, Mjolnir tight in one hand, his journal in the other- if stopped to speak he must and does write what he means to say as he walks to the clothing store to find something that would fit. After- after he seeks out Billy and Steve- then turns to home. To his brother.]
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[He has had to shift his usual schedule and means after his brother did see fit to move all the books from the Library to the school- taking up a post in the courtyard just out front to ensure that no Owl nor fox nor creature of magic saw fit to attempt to return those books to the Library. Tis a strange post to take, a strange stance in and of itself but this is something his brother chose to believe in. Something he chose to do that resulted in no bloodshed and it would be remiss of him not to support that in some way.

Besides. He had not cared much to find foxes in his home attempting to retrieve the texts on astrophysics any more than anyone else that suffered their attentions.

In stead of his usual walk around the village he kept his vigil in front, smiling kindly to those that would pass for education or to make use of the relocated library. As is his custom he lifts his hand to the air at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon, willing his hammer to him.

As of yet, there has been no effect.

He has become so accustomed to not feeling the resonance that answers his call that when he chooses to reach for it this morn, he is in the midst of speaking to the network.]

Good Morrow, citizens of Luceti!

I know well that all are aware of the current conflict regarding the contents of the Library. I would ask for those who would aid me in my vigil to stand with me. To aid me in guarding against those that would hoard books and prevent their free and fair distribution and enjoyment.

[There's...something in the air that he feels. Familiar but distant. For a moment he frowns, eyes going to the middle distance, hand yet outstretched. He blinks, the sensation passes, and he continues.]

As I am limited in where I might wander I have taken to reviewing basic techniques taught to me by the Einharjar and would be more than pleased to-

[That familiar sensation is back- and stronger than before. There's a rush of wind, a crack of thunder in an otherwise cloudless sky- and Mjolnir whistles through the air to land in Thor's waiting palm. So great the force of it's return and so ill prepared is he that though he does grasp the familiar grip of his hammer readily the momentum forces his hand, striking himself a glancing blow across the temple ere he slows the force. Tis but a bruise.

He is, for a moment, stunned.

Then he beams brightly into the journals.]

Mjolnir has returned to me! I require mead to celebrate!

[With that he sets the journal aside, closing it. And very, very carefully finding somewhere to sit and massage the bruise to his skull the impact caused.]
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You have called upon Thor Odinson. I am away at currant and cannot respond to your bid. If you've need of me, please leave your message and I shall respond as soon as I am able.
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[It had been such a little thing. In the aftermath of the haunting of the hanging herb he'd found a small flask with his name writ upon it. A gift of sorts from the Malnosso. He'd thought nothing of it, drank not from it, and continued brooding and attempting to study day by day. But after yet another reminder of how little he has managed to retain of what he read, another reminder of the romantic Midgardian holiday that seems to be upon the horizon, curiosity bid Thor pour himself a measure. Twas not much at all, but a bare few fingers of viscous, honeyed mead. Homesick and heart heavy, he drank. Slept. And thought nothing of it.

Come the morrow tis not the massive Asgardian prince that rolls out of bed in a grump and stomps his way, sleepy and swimming in an oversized tunic to the communal kitchen- but a younger, slimmer, less bearded and twice as blond Aesir child. An incredibly frustrated one once his eyes have opened properly and he does what any child in a strange place might do.

Demand to see his father and then flee into the village once left to his own devices for more than a moment.

The first order of business is clothing, which he finds in a shoppe meant just for that. While not the most stealthy child, he tries to duck in, grab what he'll need, and duck back out without being seen. It may or may not work. Secondly- food. He doesn't know this place nor these people and cannot simply demand what he wants, but he does find the familiar aroma of sweetly baked things and like any child cannot help sneak in and look suitably pitiful long enough for someone to give him something tasty. Lastly, where he will remain until he is hauled back home, he looks for the library, and once inside? His younger brother.

There is no way he would be in this place on his own. If he is here, so is his brother, and if his brother is not at his side? He is in the library, waiting for him. That is simply how it is.]

[ooc: kid thor tags will be responded to by [personal profile] littlestaesir, he's sneaking around the clothing store, the bakery, and hunting in the library for his little brother.]
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To those that knew her,

The Lady Jane Foster has returned to her world. All that cared for her have my most sincere condolences.

With honor,

Thor Odinson
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[The video starts out upside down.]

No. No, that's not how you-- [The camera shakes.] Not like that, you dolt! Just-- Ugh. [Sigh.] Give that to me.

[A little jiggling, and then the journal gets set down, right side up, and both Thor and Loki are visible.

Long, awkward pause.

Loki sighs, a look of long-suffering annoyance crossing his face.]

It's recording, Thor. This is the bit where you smile prettily and speak.

Good evening citizens of Luceti-

In a normal speaking voice. They can hear you just fine. You needn't shout.

Pardon my exuberance.

[Loki clears his throat.] Those of you who aren't completely unobservant have no doubt noticed that--

The solstice is nearly upon us!

Yes, that, a week Saturday. And as last year, we shall bid the Sun goodnight and welcome her in the morning properly.

To do so we shall have a mighty bonfire and glorious feast!

[Loki cuts in, dryly.] With mead.

AYE! With Mead! We shall eat and drink and dance and make our ancestors proud! But for there to be such a feast we require a hunt! A hunt most epic to catch the game we shall roast the night of the solstice. The morning before I and any who wish to join me as brothers in arms for this hunt shall gather in the plaza before dawn. Once gathered we shall hare south and west into the woods to flush out proper game. Our prize beast shall be a boar whoever fells it shall have the seat of honor at the feast.

As this hunt will be made on horseback my brother and his most gracious Lady have agreed to give use of their horses should you find yourself a worthy rider. Should you wish to ride with us but have no skill you may, of course, ride pillion.

Obviously other preparations are required for such an undertaking. If you're of a mind to help with the decorating or the cooking of the feast [Because no one in their right mind would leave it up to Loki...] do let me know.

At sundown on the solstice, we shall walk the village with lanterns, and then hie up to the mountains. Bring a token sacrifice if you desire to make a proper start to the new year with a wish.

We look forward to welcoming you to this great feast!

[Thor grins, Loki sighs, and the feed ends.]

[ooc: Thor and Loki will be responding, say who you want or get random choice! Threadjacking is allowed and encouraged.]
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 Good citizens of Luceti,

This fortnight past several valued warriors and comrades have been scattered to the whims of fate.  What better way to honor their time here and our shared  knowledge of them than with a night of fond remembrance, gathered together in the village square.  There will be mead, there will be meat, and there will be a bonfire as we share tales of those we miss and celebrate having known them. Join us. Tell us who you have lost. Honor them and what they have done.

With Honor,

Thor Odinson
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Cut for things )

[Action: Open]

[After that...enlightening and less than entertaining discussion with his brother, Thor resumes his wanderings, seeking out the village of which Loki spoke. He is as he was when he arrived, save that he is entirely devoid of clothing.

Thank you, brother.

He shall wander until he finds the village, and wander further still until he finds somewhere to clothe himself. When he finds not a single pair of trousers that would fit him left and a pinned note to a truly hideous gown. All the dresses or feminine clothing that might fit him yet remains.

Thank you so, so much, brother.

Later still he sits, wrapped in a toga formed of a bedsheet, picking at a long since emptied plate in Seventh Heaven]

Should any find trousers sufficient enough to clothe an Asgardian I would be most greateful to have them. I might be found at the Tavern of Seven Heavens, feasting on their hot dogs, which they have assured me are not actually made of hounds.
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Threads that don't fall into posts or logs, sneaky private gatherings or midnight rendezvous. Whatever your fancy.

Please indicate the type (Written, Voice, Action) and the Date.
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Backtagging: Sure!
Threadhopping: As long as the other threading party's cool with it, I am too.
Offensive Subjects:
Nothing comes to mind.


Hugging: Sure, Thor's a physical kind of guy and likes adoration and adulation and manly hugging in all it's form. No problems here.

Kissing: It'd surprise him for certain, and he'd not respond with the same enthusiasm unless it's from someone he cares for quite deeply.

Flirting: Go for it, Thor's a friendly, amiable dude but most modern slang and pick up lines are totally lost at him. Flirt at your discretion.

Further Intimacy: Not advisable without a fair amount of courtship beforehand, seeing as he has a lady love. Sowing wild oats is a thing but it's not something he's got on his mind much at all, nor is it something he'd indulge in easily.

Relationships: Friendships? Fantastic! Courtship? He's pining, for lack of a better term, for a mortal in particular. It probably won't happen.

Fighting: God of thunder and a true viking through and through Thor loves a good brawl, it's like shaking hands to him. He's all for it, but when he's serious there will likely be property damage. I'd ask we discuss things ooc first so we both get something enjoyable out of it.

Injuring: Sure! Bruises and cuts are cool, he can take a knife to the liver without blinking so go ahead- anything stronger will probably brake him and some property so we should hammer it out ooc first.

Killing: I'd like to talk this out beforehand.

Telepathy: Sure! Gimme a poke to see what he's thinking and I'll let you know.

Warnings: Thor is loud and large and friendly.  He also comes from Asgard where certain social stigmas are very much in effect.  It's a misogynistic society and more than a little homophobic. Laying with a man is frowned upon but being the submissive partner is shameful beyond belief and while he's not one to pry or care much it does effect his opinion of people when he learns of them having those relations.

He also is an Asgardian and a Prince so princely arrogance is kind of a thing.  While he doesn't think himself entirely superior to midgardians he does see himself set above them by dint of being royalty and by nature of his longevity and extensive lifespan.  He's not always condescending about it but it can pop up from time to time.

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